Few places do spring similar to Japan does spring





In the world, few places do spring similar to Japan does spring. The vivacious and delicate cherry blossom was one of earth’s most magnificent natural miracles, and there is nothing quite comparable strolling below those transient petals and wondering at how incredible Mother Nature may be. In order to celebrate the arrival of Japan’s most magical season, National Geographic asked community members to show in their best pictures of the country’s famous cherry blossom. That is, you may take a look at the images to view for yourself the fabulous proposals they got. Note that Japanese get their cherry blossom very seriously and the Meteorological Agency even offered a dedicated forecast for cherry blossom season. Indeed, the blossom moved north in what is recognized as a “sakura zensen” and so people deeply trail the progress of this cherry blossom front, for example, it sorts its way up-country.

More info: National Geographic  | via Boredpanda

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Sakura River

Image credits: Danilo Dungo

White Wall

Image credits:  Masayuki Yamashita

Land of mist

Image credits: Yoshiki Fujiwara

Evening cherry blossoms

Image credits: Aurora Simionescu

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Image credits: Ryan WH

Pink sakura and pink line

Image credits: Masayuki Yamashita

Sakura Reverie

Image credits: S. Ohtani

A train passing by in spring

Image credits:  Janvika Shah

Cherry Blossom

Image credits:  Jessica W. / Carmen Măduța

The color of the cultivation in spring

Image credits: Hiroki Inoue

Old couple

Image credits: Joe Ishikawa

After fall of Sakura

Image credits: Danilo Dungo

Tunnel of cherry blossoms

Image credits: Jessie Meyer

Spring evening

Image credits: Sho Shibata


Image credits: totomai martinez

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