Philippines Experience: Basic Expat Training Manual

Learn From An American Living in The Philippines

What Will This Manual Do For You?

Reduce the Time It Takes to Move To the Philippines
Reveal The Information You Need To Make The Move happen
Provide A Fair and Balanced View Of Living In The Philippines.  Not hype.  I tell you the good and The bad.
Arm you With Information To Help Keep You Out of Trouble
Help You Reduce The cost To Start Living In the Philippines
Guide You on Visa Requirements
Make Visa Requirements Simple
Comprehensive 212 Page manual that continues to grow
The Manual has Been Updated More Than 10 Times
Get All Future Updates At No Additional Cost
Find Out Why You Should Move To the Philippines or Why it might not be right for you.

Most ebook authors write their ebook and then leave it as it is for years.  Since releasing this book in September of 2010 I have released over 10 updates and notified buyers where they can download their updated ebook at no additional cost.  Even when the price Goes Up. That’s right, even when the price rises, you are locked in at today’s rate.

Who Should Move to the Philippines?

to Find the Woman Of your Dreams! Yes YOU Can.
 To Drastically Cut Your Cost of living
 Start a new fantastic life
If You Want To Spice Up A Dull Lonely Live
You Wont Be Lonely Here
To See Exciting New Places
To Visit Or Live At Incredible Beach Resorts

Get The Basic Expat Training Manual

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