These are so beautiful and amazing indeed for the jungles

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Look! These are so beautiful and amazing indeed for the jungles. That is, it shows us the mysterious structures from the world smallest architects, that is, it also discovered some of the most intricate nearly man-made structures made by the world’s smallest architects of nature.   For example, Log Cabin indicates that bagworm moth caterpillar collects and saws little sticks to construct elaborate spiral log cabins to live in, furthermore, some log cabins show cylindrical fortress sticking out almost vertically from the leaf or branch surface, in addition, Cage Fortress introduces the arctine moth caterpillars remove their long hairs before pupation to construct a protective caged fortress and suspends itself inside and therefore Web Tower displays mysterious silk structure from Peru baffled scientists worldwide. There still have the other images of architects as seen in following.

More info: | via Boredpanda

Log Cabin

Some log cabins

Cage Fortress

Web Tower

Jungle Tent

Some Jungle Tents

Poop Barricade

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