The majesty of infringement waves

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This is due to you have seen them afore if the names Warren Keelan or Ray Collins ring a bell. In past year, Keelan displayed a powerful photo series on Bored Panda presenting the majesty of infringement waves as Collins took you photos of massive swells. Being motivated by these two artists, there has decided to make an open list of the most inspiring wave picture on the net. In order to capture a wave for example this, you will have to use a shutter speed of at least 1/250 related a second or even more at what time you are certainly to zoom in. If you doubted something about the equipment, Warren Keelan inscribed on Bored Panda that his favorite lens presents Canon’s 70-200mm IS II 2.8. Yet, he showed experiment with 15mm Fisheye and Ray Collins affirmed us that he applied “fixed mid length primes from 14mm all the way to 400mm.”

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Marck Botha


Pierre Carreau


Giovanni Allievi


Ger Kelliher


Clark Little


Clark Little


Clark Little


Ger Kelliher


Warren KeelanReport


Clark Little


Clark Little


David Orias


Vitaliy SokolRe


Pierre Carreau


Ray CollinsR


Ger Kelliher


Dave SandfordReport



Clark Little

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