Being been a fine art landscape and conceptual photographer

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Being been a fine art landscape and conceptual photographer, this series may be called “Stories of the forests” that now has more than 50 photos and continued for over 3 years. He was trying to recreate that magic land and all stories of his childhood occurred. He grew up in his grandmother’s house and his grandmother used to mention him old stories something about creatures related the forest and all magic that took place in the forest as you were not seeing. As seen in different images, the photos were not presented in reality, but these were presented in different world. For example, something was not viewed by everybody, that is, the world was seen only by few and only in certain moments. Indeed, the photos show a fairy tale land that edges the real forest and exist at the similar time and this presents only the gap amid worlds and now two series on the same theme indicate, for example, “Creatures of the forests” and “Mirrors of the forests”.

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